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Sunday, January 29th, 2017

61mPe2WuzeL._SX343_BO1,204,203,200_By Emily Ruskovich

The Short Take:

I could not put this book down but I can’t tell you why. The language was positively lyrical, however the story was unsatisfying. It wasn’t helped by having at least nine different points of view, time jumping, and massive amounts of internal conflict rather than external action.


If I considered myself a literary critic instead of a mere book lover, I might have had much stronger positive feelings about this writer’s debut novel. Unfortunately, I’m shallower than that.

The biggest problem was that I couldn’t accept the premise the storytelling centered upon (which I can’t reveal here without spoiling everything). In addition, the horrific events described in this novel (they all happen “off camera”) are all unresolved mysteries — you might learn who, but never understand why.

Guilt, remorse, escape, and the impossibility of redemption are all recurring themes, thoughtfully treated. There are moments of exceptional tenderness between characters. Knowledge — both for the reader and the characters — is revealed in an intriguing, compelling way. But for all that, it just didn’t satisfy.

A Little Plot:

Ann marries Wade and they live on a remote mountain. He experienced a tragedy that completely removed his wife and two daughters from his life; and he has removed every physical trace of them from his present. Ann is obsessed with learning more about them and what exactly happened yet doesn’t want to upset Wade with questions.

Want to Try an Erotic Romance?

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

41bfCX4lA1L._SL75_How about The Horse List by Anna Lores?

The Short Take:

This is an adults-only book, with graphic sexual descriptions and acts. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s yours — enjoy!


I know a lot of people who write books and short stories. Not too many of them are ever offered for publication. Even fewer are actually published. Lores is one of the few who followed her dream to fruition.

Suffering from insomnia, Lores started writing in the middle of the night. She leaned towards erotica, but wanted her women to be sexually empowered not mere playthings for others. Of course in erotic romances there is a need for push-and-pull as the main characters struggle for dominance over their desires and each other.

Lores nails it.

A Little Plot:

Ava Black has finally escaped her abusive husband and intends to celebrate her freedom with an updated version of her “Horse List.” As a child, owning a horse was at the top of that wish list, now her desires are adult fantasies she intends to make realities.

There’s more than one man that interests her, but will she be able to keep her past from shaping her future?

To find out more about Lores and her book, click here.




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