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A Line to Kill

Friday, December 31st, 2021

By Anthony Horowitz

The Short Take:

This is the third Horowitz mystery where he–as himself–is the narrator. Again, he follows the detective work of Andrew Hawthorne. While the mystery itself is perfectly fine, with odd characters and surprising insights by the ever-vigilant Hawthorne, the meta angle is weaker which is a disappointment.


In the last two books Horowitz’s real life played more of a role, such his work on the television series Foyle’s War. However, as the bulk of this book takes place at a literary festival on a small Channel island, that element is largely missing. Yet it maintains the sense of humor that sparks the other entries.

Horowitz knows his way around a murder mystery, claiming to have probably committed more fictional murders than any other living author. And this one hits all the right notes. Everyone looks both guilty and innocent, with the truth being that most characters are guilty of something if not the actual murder. And Hawthorne uncovers those guilty secrets, too.

The odd couple paring of Horowitz and Hawthorne take a turn in this book, with the usually reticent Hawthorne readily opening up in the literary setting while the famous Horowitz is often ignored. Both these changes annoy the narrator to no end but his complaints have no impact on Hawthorne. He does as he wishes. And gets what he wants: a solution.

A Little Plot:

Horowitz’s first book featuring the crime-solving capabilities of private detective Andrew Hawthorne is about to come out. The pair are invited to a small literary festival to promote it and Hawthorne reacts with enthusiasm–which surprises Horowitz and makes him suspicious. Sure enough, a felon from Hawthorne’s past lives on the island, but it’s the murder of a prominent man that drives this tale.

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