She Would Be King

By Wayetu Moore

The Short Take:

This exceptional debut novel crafts a creation mythology for the country of Liberia that puts Rome’s Romulus and Remus in the shade. Some might call it magical realism, but it’s far more than that.


This intense book follows four characters who suffer great loss and pain —¬†either as slaves or as a victim of harsh superstition in a West African village. Yet these four all also each have a supernatural power — a power that relates directly to their suffering.

The focus is Liberia, once called Monrovia, a settlement on Africa’s west coast founded by abolitionists and others for slaves and free blacks. Moore’s reimagined origin story for this country not only reveals the flaws in the original settler’s idealism, it also showcases the exceptional strengths needed for an independent African nation to survive in the late 19th century: hidden power, continual rebirth, extreme resilience.

Moore’s tale portrays the coming together of resettled African Americans and the area’s indigenous tribes in a way that was sadly lacking in actual history. If only her version were true. It’s certainly an exceptional read.

A Little Plot:

Gbessa, born on a cursed day, is spurned by her tribe and marked for death. June Dey, born of a spirit, is a slave of suspicious origin. Jamaican Maroon Norman, born of a white researcher and black slave, finds himself the subject of prejudiced research. All need each other, as well as their spirit mother, to bring Liberia into it’s ideal existence.

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