What Nora Knew

By Linda Yellin

The Short Take:

This delightful romantic romp is like tasty glass of lemonade — sweet, tart, and totally refreshing. If you liked Nora Ephron’s movie, “When Harry Met Sally,” you’ll love this book for sure.


I admit to low expectations because I am not a big romcom fan, but this book is so witty and entertaining that — as the author herself points out — the journey is every bit as enjoyable as the destination.

Of course you pretty much know where the plot is going (just like Ephron’s famed movies). The fun is figuring out just how the heroine, Molly, is going to fumble her way there.

Multiple references to romantic movies (including my personal favorite: “The Thin Man”) and lots of sparkling dialogue make this a truly fun read. It is a book for the ages? Well, did people think Jane Austen’s books were going to be prized some 200 years? Who am I to say? But if you want a fun, diverting read set in modern times this book fills the bill. Even better, it should go down well whether you’re in a happy relationship or are still looking for “the one.”

A Little Plot:

On-line writer Molly is in a comfortable relationship with chiropractor Russell. However, when her boss asks Molly to write an article about romance, a la Nora Ephron, she realizes that this quality seems to be missing from her relationship, and maybe from her emotional make-up.

Then she encounters the wildly popular writer, Cameron Duncan. She considers him egotistical, a shameless ladies man, and totally insincere. So why is she thinking about him at all?

For more about Linda Yellin and her work, visit her (also) entertaining website here.

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