The Book of Jonah: A Novel

By Joshua Max Feldman

The Short Take:

This modern parable inspired by the Biblical Book of Jonah (sort of) was interesting but, ultimately, the two main characters were too hard to like for full enjoyment. It was hard to muster up the appropriate engagement.


Our two flawed protagonists are Jonah, an overly ambitious lawyer, and Judith,an intensly-driven student. Both live tightly circumscribed lives that separate them emotionally from others. Their perspectives on their existence are drastically changed by certain events — not necessarily changed for the better.

I had only a vague recollection of Jonah and the whale so I picked up the Bible and read the original Book of Jonah  — which is quite short. There’s a common theme of not being able to escape your fate (or what God wants) and some reflective symbolism. Other than that… I obviously was not enough of a Biblical scholar to grasp.

I did want to know what would happen as the story progressed but I never could work up much enthusiasm for either Jonah or Judith. They were both so self-centered that whether they were on top of the world or feeling its weight on their shoulders, it didn’t seem to make much difference. It was always all about themselves.

A Little Plot:

Jonah got handed a legal client that indicates he’ll be made a partner at his firm when a chance encounter with a Hasid turns his world upside-down. He starts having visions of Biblical proportions and his life fractures.

Judith is a gifted student and driven to always be the best at everything she does. She’s in college when tragedy strikes her parents. She decides that everything life seemed to promise her was a lie and begins to simply drift along.

It’s inevitable these two will meet. But, will it make a difference?


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