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The Enchanted

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

By Rene Denfeld

The Short Take:

My description of this book will not do it justice. It’s really hard to communicate the impact of a tale about brutal murderers on death row that somehow manages to be wonderfully lyrical and truly uplifting. Denfeld did it. The horror of the characters was balanced by one prisoner’s magical appreciation for books, life, everything.


Rene Denfeld is primarily a journalist. This is her first novel and it is about as far from dry-eyed journalism as you can get. She actually serves as a death penalty investigator: a person who researches the background of prisoners and their crimes to see if mitigating circumstances could justify commuting their sentences from death to life imprisonment. A woman, identified only as “the Lady,” fills that same role in this novel.

The setting for this novel could not be more brutal — a crumbling prison with corrupt guards, extreme conditions, and pervasive hopelessness. However, Denfeld’s ┬ánarrator finds it to be an enchanted place. By looking through his eyes we discover that even for the most depraved, in the worst conditions, the human spirit can take flight in surprising ways.

I loved this book.

A Little Plot:

In this decrepit prison, inmates on death row never leave their cells until that final walk, except for the rare occasions when “the lady” elects to look into their case. A serial killer named York is one of these, however, he doesn’t want her help. He wants to die.

She is watched by another death row inmate, unnamed for most of the book and the story’s narrator. Highly reclusive, he observes and he listens. He does not speak. It is through his “eyes” that we learn about the prison in reality and in his imagination.

The story relates the lady’s investigation, the stories of several inmate, the warden, and the disgraced priest. It is haunted, haunting, and very special.

For more about Rene Denfeld and her work, click here.


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