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Frozen Heat

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

By Richard Castle

The Short Take:

If you watch TV’s Castle, you will thoroughly enjoy these books. They are supposedly the books Richard Castle is writing while he is riding along with Kate Becket and her crew. This is the fourth one and they’re still great fun and a bit mind blowing for Castle fans.


It’s important to realize that these books are not in line with the TV show. They have similarities but there are also major differences. It’s almost like an alternative universe with the same characters solving different crimes. However the names have all changed: Richard Castle becomes Jameson Rook, Kate Becket is Nikki Heat, etc. That said, you certainly don’t have to watch the show to enjoy these reads.

When I encountered the first book in the series — and I highly recommend reading them in order — I was puzzled by the picture of actor Nathan Fillion on the back and the supposed author’s name, Richard Castle, blazoned on the front cover. After all, Fillion plays the fictional Richard Castle, who is a thriller mystery writer, but Fillion isn’t a writer. Who is the real author? That’s for you to find out on your own.

These mysteries continue the playful banter between the primary characters of the television series, adding comic relief to criminal cases. However, the relationships are not quite the same (imagine what Richard Castle would want). Each new entry has been slick, well-paced, and highly readable — the perfect escapist read.

A Little Plot:

A frozen body is found packed in a suitcase — a suitcase belonging to Nikki Heat that disappeared the day her mother was murdered. Nikki has long sought to solve her mother’s murder. However, is this a fresh lead or is Nikki’s own life in danger? Try both.

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