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Monday, April 30th, 2012

By Lisa Brackman

The Short Take:

I read this one in a single day — it is that riveting. Brackman has written a mystery thriller with an unusually normal heroine. Neither beautiful, ¬†athletic, nor skilled, Michelle is a 30-something widow trying to figure out her life on a getaway in Puerto Vallarta. An impulsive date sweeps her into a whirlwind of danger, intrigue, and drugs. She can’t trust anyone and she doesn’t know how to escape. At last — a real woman thinking and acting in a believable way in an extraordinary situation. Yippee!


Alfred Hitchcock would have bought the film rights to this in a flash. It’s got the key elements of many of his classic movies. Michelle is an average person who does one seemingly innocuous thing (the date is her MacGuffin) that puts her in a situation where she can not turn to the authorities for help nor any of the people she has met — including the attractive man she went out with.

With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, she is manipulated by forces on two opposing sides. Or are they really on the same side? Are they good guys or bad guys? Nothing is sure in this tightly written, fast paced adventure. Brackman reinvents the usual suspicious characters with refreshingly new personalities and appearances. The plot works solidly from start to finish. Yep, Hitchcock would have loved this one.

This should be a popular beach read this summer — one that’s guaranteed to dissuade you from making bad choices due to frosty drinks. But unlike the book Michelle had in hand when she opted for that second margarita, you won’t want to put this one down.

A Little Plot:

Michelle’s life in L.A. has fallen apart. A pre-paid vacation in Puerto Vallarta seems an ideal opportunity to think and regroup. When handsome Daniel approaches her on the beach, she impulsively agrees to drinks and dinner; and then decides to bring him to her room. ¬†During the night two burglars break in, ransacking their bags and delivering a nasty head wound to Danny.

After he is rushed to the hospital, Michelle discovers their cell phones have gotten mixed up. As she attempts to correct the switch, she encounters Gary. He acts like he’s helping her but soon has her ensnared in a plot to spy on Danny. Or else. And, that “or else” could mean her very life.

There’s drugs, thugs, black ops, conspiracies, murders, and much more to come. But you’ll have to read the book if you want to know more. And, you should read the book.

To learn more about Lisa Brackman her her books, click here.


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