The End Is Near. And Boy, Is It Entertaining.

I’ve recently come across two books that deal with “the end” but are strictly for your amusement — and they both do an incredible job of delivering plenty of entertainment — and something more.

In The Gates, a fairly recent book by John Connolly, the end is coming because the Large Hadron Collider somehow causes a small opening between our universe and the parallel world we think of as hell. And, naturally, the devil is determined as hell to take over here.

The only thing standing in his way of opening up the gates completely in the town of Biddlecombe is a young boy with a different way of seeing things, and some surprising gumption on the part of his neighbors. Suitable for mature tweens, teens, and adults alike, this delightful book celebrates resiliency, bravery, friendship, and many other positive qualities. I absolutely blew through it I enjoyed it so much.

In Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet, the end is coming with the maturity of the antichrist. Unfortunately for doomsday, said antichrist was accidently switched at birth with another child and hasn’t exactly been raised to meet his destiny. Never the less, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyspe are on their way — on motorcycles no less, and it looks like the end is coming one way or the other.

This book is laugh out loud funny but still manages to keep you in suspense about the end. What surprised me completely is that the end of this totally irreverent and outrageous book includes a highly moving message. Don’t know how that got in there, but it was the icing on a devilishly good cake for ┬áme.

Good Omens was first published in 1990, but reads just as great today. There’s continuing talk of a movie version. We’ll see.

The Gates is Irish crime writer John Connolly’s first book aimed at young as well as adult readers and was just published last year. It would make a terrific movie.

I would be there on opening day for either of them.

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