The Loving Vampires of Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore’s novels tend to be funny, outrageous, and in general a delight to read. Strangely enough, while everyone else seems to be piling on the vampire (and zombie) band wagon, he seems to be abandoning it. While that’s a shame in some respects, he has created such a delightful little trilogy with his three books about blood suckers I wanted to spread the word.

Moore started his vampire series in 1995 with Blood Sucking Fiends. This comic love story positively bounces with quirkiness and good spirits. Boy meets red-headed vampire and, of course, love ensues. And, of course, there are obstacles to that love — ¬†beyond the expected day vs. night shift problem. And wait till you meet the Animals — actually the stoner night stockers at a local grocery. It’s pure fun all the way.

You Suck continues the story of the young lovers. Moore waited 13 years before writing this equal (guess he saw the time was ripe for more vampire antics). I can’t tell you much without revealing too much of the first book, but wait till you meet vampire minion Abby Normal. Ha! Much of the book is “good vampires” against the “bad.” And, with any page turn, you may find yourself amazed at some new oddity Moore’s imagination creates.

The third, and I suspect final (because it ends so completely), installment is the recently released Bite Me. Not only are all the outrageous characters of the first two books still around for your entertainment, there’s also Chet — the giant shaved vampire cat who now leads a growing band of vampire kitties. Then the vampire clean-up crew comes to town and the action really starts.

Keep in mind, these are not your typical vampire stories, full of nastiness, angst, and fear. Moore’s books are filled with frolic, fun, and fearlessness in the face of impossible odds. And, as each book’s subtitle reads, they are all “a love story.”

There’s also one related story, which includes plenty of weirdness, including possibly the birth of a baby Death, as well as many of the same supporting characters: A Dirty Job. Read ’em all and have fun!

Want to know more about Christopher Moore and his other works (including the amazing Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Friend)? Click here.

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