Dan Brown Does It Again.

I just finished The Lost Symbol, and once more Dan Brown has pushed my use of Google into overdrive. I kept paper and pen with me while reading just to write down the things I felt driven to learn more about — there are 19 items on the list, ranging from art works to fields of science. One thing for sure, Brown sure expands my knowledge of arcane subjects.

This is no review, by the way. What’s the point? But I did find a great article about Brown and his books in the UKs Telegraph that you might want to visit by clicking here. Among other observations, it shares his writing secrets, some of which are the same things that irritate certain critics.

The Lost Symbol is far less likely to draw the ire of the Catholic Church. I’m not so sure how the Masons will feel about it. The US Capitol Building and Washington Monument can expect tourism boosts, not that they need the publicity. Expect to see parasite books in the immediate future about Masons as well as the buildings and imagery of Washington, D.C. Expect some people to immediately call for the removal of certain public artworks that no one even paid attention to before.

Did I like the book? Anything that sends me in search of more information is a winner for me. So, yes.

Will you like it? If you liked The Da Vinci Code I can’t imagine why not.

‘Nuf said.

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