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Genesis: A Novel

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

By Bernard Bestett

The Short Take:

This slim novel packs a pretty strong punch. Yes, it is set in the future and has robots and holograms, but I wouldn’t call it sci-fi any more than I would Orwell’s 1984. Genesis gives you a lot to chew on. And it’s a pretty tasty meal.


You think you’re getting the retelling of a crucial event in the history of the self-isolated Republic. But in fact, this book examines what “thinking’ and self-awareness really are. Plus it includes intriguing observations on the evolutionary existence of ideas.

Twice the dust cover comments refer to Genesis as a thriller. The pages keep turning for sure, but my mind was just as engaged as my curiosity. I thought I knew what the surprise ending would be. But this novel is more subtle than that. My foresight encompassed a fraction of the ultimate revelations.

A Little Plot:

The entire book consists of the four hour, oral examination of a young girl who hopes to enter The Academy, a prestigious group that basically rules the Republic. Her subject matter is Adam Forde, a figure of legendary proportions who altered the community’s future. This examination reveals Adam’s story along with her own unconventional insights and opinions.

Doesn’t sound fascinating? Guess again.

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