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After reading Steve Berry’s latest thriller, The Charlemange Pursuit, I just had to send a few questions. Being the exceptionally nice guy that he is, Steve answered then all. And promptly. Below are my questions and his answers.
Keep in mind these questions were all in lighthearted fun.
Me: Do YOU know why Cotton Malone (hero of four of Berry’s books) is called “Cotton?” Will you ever tell us?
Steve: What fun would that be?  But you never know.  Keep reading.
Me: You seem to have a fondness for gun battles in religious buildings. Any particular reason?
Steve:  Now that you mention it,  I do damage a lot of churches.  Hmmmmmmm? 
Me: Do people send you ideas for new “mysteries” to write thrillers around? Your fantastic thrillers always have some real background, either historic truths of strongly argued theories — how do you find these ideas?
Steve: Occasionally, folks send ideas, but my assistant screens those out before I read the e-mails.  I never see them, that way no one can accuse me of stealing their idea.  Though you have to wonder: why did they send me the idea in the first place if they didn’t want me to use it?
Me: You have a lot of “secret government activities” in your books. Have any government agencies investigated you yet for possibly treading in their areas (even unawares)?
Steve: I wish.  That would be cool.
Me: Have you decided to give up your day job yet?
Steve: I just did.  The law office officially closed December 19th.  No more lawyering. 
Good for Steve Berry!
Now that his pesky lawyering gig is out of the way, we can expect even more exploits for the ever adventurous Cotton Malone. To find out more about Steve Berry and his thrillers, check out his website by clicking here.
If you want to see what I have to say about his earlier thrillers, check out my archived review of 10/7/08. And, if you ever get a chance to attend one of his book signings, do so. He is a delight.
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