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Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

by Marie Phillips

The short take:

Fun and bawdy. Give it a read unless you’re offended by sex.


This delightful comic novel about Greek gods and goddesses in modern London is a fun, quirky book crafted in a manner similar to contemporary writer Christopher Moore. Don’t get me wrong – this first novel by Brit Marie Phillips is original in every respect. However, it does bring together intriguingly strange characters, unlikely heroes, and outrageous circumstances in a thoroughly entertaining manner.

If you know your Greek mythology at all, you won’t be shocked by the casual incest and other bad god-like behavior. After all, these guys and dolls didn’t play by the rules of mere mortals back in their heyday. And they’ve been doing the same things for over 2000 years. So, you might find the sex scenes a bit – or even quite a bit – bothersome.

Try not to let that put you off, however, or you’ll miss all the fun. Ultimately, “Gods Behaving Badly” is a novel of human heroism, generous love, and that really, truly “old time religion.” Amen to that!

I for one am anxiously awaiting Marie Phillips next novel.

Want some plot?

Cram 12 Greek gods and goddesses into one crumbling London row house where their powers are waning along with their fortune. So Artemis walks dogs, Aphrodite supplies phone sex, and Apollo is a TV psychic. Not exactly the good life.

Their downward spiral is interrupted when a squabble between Apollo and Aphrodite manages to bring mild-mannered, could-be lovers Alice and Neil into their lives. A series of disasters due to god-like conniving leads to what could become the end of everyone’s world… unless a true hero can be found to save the day.

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